People-centred research

Woman at a meeting, sits smiling at the unseen delegates

The ABPI believe that every eligible patient should have the opportunity to participate in a relevant research study regardless of their background or where they live.

There is a significant lack of diversity amongst those participating in research studies in the UK. Many groups are under-served by research, and people can be part of multiple under-served groups, meaning they can face multiple barriers to participating in research:

  • As part of our EDI Strategy, the ABPI is working with its members and the Government to help overcome these barriers and make research in the UK more diverse and inclusive. 
  • As part of our Patient Engagement Strategy, the ABPI is fostering a patient-centred culture within our organisation and supporting our members to do the same.
  • And through the ABPI Code of Practice, the ABPI supports research transparency, in-line with the IFPMA's global position on disclosure and publication of clinical trial information and results.

The ABPI's People-centred Research Hub features a collection of member case studies that promote industry best practices in diversity and inclusion, patient and public involvement, and research transparency. This Hub will be expanded further with additional case studies as part of the ABPI's ongoing commitment to increase diversity and inclusion in research.