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18 January 2021

Employment, export, and productivity growth continues for Scotland's pharmaceutical industry

The strength of Scotland’s pharmaceutical industry and its value to the economy and communities across the country is revealed in a new report.

12 January 2021

ABPI response to Cumberlege Review statement

The Government has laid a statement in Parliament updating on the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review by Baroness Cumberlege. 

11 January 2021

ABPI response to UK COVID-19 vaccines delivery plan

Tens of millions of people will be immunised by the spring at over 2,700 vaccination sites across the UK, according to the government's vaccines delivery plan.

09 January 2021

ABPI welcomes UK Rare Diseases Framework

The Department of Health and Social Care has published the UK Rare Diseases Framework today, a national vision of how the UK will improve the lives of those living with rare diseases.



11 November 2020

It’s never been more important to tell the great story of vaccines

ABPI Chief Executive talks about the importance of vaccines, as ABPI launches its new campaign, #ValuingVaccines. 

02 November 2020

A Global Science Superpower: The Future of Medicines Valuation

The ABPI partnered with Reform on an event on the NICE Methods Review, titled 'A Global Science Superpower: The Future of Medicines Valuation.