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14 November 2019

UK pharmaceutical industry launches General Election manifesto

We have launched our General Election manifesto calling on all parties to ensure that their policies support UK science and research and help maintain the UK’s position as a global leader in medicines and vaccines development into the future.

05 November 2019

ABPI response to report into post-Brexit science funding

The Smith-Reid review into science and research funding post-Brexit has been published with recommendations for how the UK Government can promote an exciting, well-resourced vision for international collaboration in research and innovation.

01 November 2019

ABPI response to NHS England draft commercial framework

NHS England has today published a draft commercial framework setting out more operational detail on commercial arrangements with industry. There will now be an engagement process to make sure that the final framework is informed by a broad range of views. 

24 October 2019

ABPI response to deal for cystic fibrosis medicines

NHS England has announced it has secured an agreement with Vertex to make available all three of their UK-licensed cystic fibrosis medicines.



15 November 2019

Haseeb Ahmad: What our new manifesto means for patients

The ABPI's President Haseeb Ahmad has written a comment piece on the launch of our 2020 Manifesto for Medicine.

09 October 2019

Analysis: Would ‘Medicines for the Many’ lead to many medicines?

The short answer is, no – but for those wanting a more complete explanation, read on...