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Improving the UK's health data capability & the industry's access to data

Harnessing the unique potential of UK health data, provides huge opportunities to improve outcomes for patients, reduce costs and enhance efficiency in the NHS, and discover, develop and deliver new treatments. To achieve this, patients, the NHS and the biopharmaceutical industry need to be able to use the increasing amount of digital health data being collected.

However, the full potential of health data cannot be realised until structures and processes enable straightforward, safe, and efficient accessibility. The pharmaceutical industry has decades of experience handling health research data generated in clinical trials securely and is well placed to support UK policymakers and the NHS creating frameworks which enable efficient, and legitimate health data access for research and care.

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Principles for analysis and use of health data by ABPI members

This document sets out principles that ABPI members will adhere to when analysing and using NHS health data.  These will complement the governance processes established by the data custodians.

Models of access to health data in the UK

This report describes the range of current models for UK health data access for pharmaceutical company researchers, with details on major datasets and case studies.

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Health Data Landing White 990X610

Unlocking the promise of UK health data

This report highlights a where action must be taken to address the key challenges and barriers which limit our potential to harness health data.