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ABPI awarded PIF TICK trusted healthcare information creator status

The ABPI’s commitment to providing clear, accurate information for patients and the public, has been recognised and awarded ‘trusted health care information creator’ status by the Patient Information Forum, an accreditation known as the PIF TICK. 

Clear communication is important for every organisation and on every subject, but particularly so in health. Colette Goldrick, ABPI Executive Director, Strategy, Research and Partnerships

The scheme is the UK’s only assessed quality mark for print and online health and care information. The award follows an external review of how the ABPI produces health information for the public.

To be awarded the PIF TICK an organisation must show its health information production process meets 10 criteria, which include making sure users are involved in the development of information, making sure the information is clear, and written to meet the accessibility needs of users.

The ABPI joins around 70 other organisations which have the PIF TICK. These include pharmaceutical company MSD, patient organisations and NHS organisations.

ABPI’s Director of Strategic Partnerships Colette Goldrick said:
“Clear communication is important for every organisation and on every subject, but particularly so in health. With so much misinformation out there, it’s important that the PIF TICK accreditation is there to help the public identify reliable and easy to understand sources of health information.

“We are proud to join the scheme and will continue to make sure all our communications are as clear and easy to understand as possible.”

Sophie Randall, Director of the Patient Information Forum, said:
“PIF welcomes ABPI’s public commitment to producing trusted health information – as a trade association, it’s great that ABPI is setting an example to members.

“Submitting its internal process to robust independent external review means patients in the UK can be confident their information is evidenced-based, patient centric and designed to be easy to use and understand.

“The PIF TICK defines the standard for quality health information and our team is ready to support all organisations that want to achieve it.”

The PIF TICK accreditation is for a period of a year. More information on the scheme and how to join can be found here: https://pifonline.org.uk/pif-tick/ 

Last modified: 20 September 2023

Last reviewed: 20 September 2023

The full 10 steps for organisations to gain a PIF TICK are available at https://pifonline.org.uk/pif-tick/

In summary they are:

  1. Information is created using a robust process.
  2. Staff are trained to produce high-quality information.
  3. Information meets an identified need.
  4. Information is based on reliable, up-to-date evidence.
  5. Patients are involved in the development of health information.
  6. Information is written in plain language.
  7. Print and digital information is accessible, easy to use and navigate.
  8. Users are encouraged to give feedback.
  9. Information is promoted to make sure it reaches those who need it.
  10. The impact of information is measured.

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