Role of NHS organisations and industry partners

While it is essential for NHS organisations and industry partners to comply with legal and regulatory guidance in working together, compliance alone does not guarantee a successful outcome in collaborative working. Collaborative initiatives may originate from NHS organisations or from individual companies. However, to create the conditions for success, they should address an identified local health need integral to ICS / STP delivery plans. Experience has shown that initiatives that do not meet these criteria are much less likely to succeed. Successful examples of cross-sector working where a local health priority has been addressed with an industry partner are
shown in Appendix 1.

NHS organisations can enter cross-sector collaborations with either a single industry partner or a collective of industry partners working together, provided there is a robust and transparent selection process. Working with a single industry partner can reduce complexity and allow the project to deliver outcomes more rapidly.

For complex and lengthy initiatives where multiple industry partners are required, it is helpful that each company has a clearly defined role and that the initiative is divided into phases.

The AHSNs can provide governance and process support for NHS organisations in selecting the most appropriate industry partner or partners, as described overleaf.

Last modified: 18 April 2024

Last reviewed: 18 April 2024