Appendix 2

Collaboration Oversight Group - Model Terms of Reference

Set out below are the type of governance matters that would normally be included in a Terms of Reference document when a new group is established. Any newly formed Group may wish to include governance matters which are not set out below, in accordance with the relevant local context in which the Group is being established.

  1. The Purpose or Role of the Group - Details to be included here:

  • A general description of the role/purpose of the group
  • The aims and responsibilities of the group
  • Accountability of the group
  1. Membership of the Group – Details to be included here:

  • The current members of the group
  • The type of role/function that will be able to join the group and the process for joining the group
  • Length of membership period, process for extension and termination of membership
  • Chair and deputy chair
  1. Responsibilities - Details to be included here:

  • The responsibilities of the different members of the Group extending to their organizational interest within group;
  • Whether there will be an annual review (or another period) of the work of the Group and if so, how will this be carried out and by whom;
  • Set out who will chair the Group, how the Chairperson will be elected and how long is/her tenure will be.
  • Who will lead on establishing and maintaining Terms of Reference;
  1. Ways of Working – Details to be included here:

  • When and how often Group meetings will take place
  • The process for organizing meetings
  • The values and principles of the group
  • Whether Group members can join meetings by phone, or only on a face to face basis
  • Who will be responsible for the agenda of the meeting, the circulation of meeting papers (if any) and arranging the dates for submission of meeting papers prior to circulation
  • The minimum number of attendees that must be present before a meeting is a valid meeting
  • Who will take minutes of the meeting and the process for approving minutes
  • Where documents produced by the Group will be stored (both hard copy and soft copy)
  • Whether decisions will be taken by a vote and a simple majority of those attending the meeting, or in another way. Does the chairperson have the final vote on any matter?
  • When these terms of reference will be updated.
  1. Confidentiality

Set out the need to protect confidential information and the practical methods to be taken to protect confidential information generated by the work of the Group.

  1. Remuneration

Set out whether members of the group will receive any additional remuneration and if so, how this will be calculated and who has responsibility for this decision. Also set out whether members of the Group will be paid expenses (such as travel expenses) incurred in the course of serving the Group.

  1. Transparency

Set out whether the minutes of meetings will be published, and where publication will take place. Include the process by which any conflicts of interests by members should be documented and where this register will be kept.

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Last reviewed: 18 April 2024