Model collaborative project agreement

Collaborative project agreement between

[NHS organisation] and 

[Industry Partner]



Summary of project


To include legacy benefits and potential for scalability

2. Duration

To include milestones and detail on phases (if appropriate)

3. Intended benefits

Specify intended benefits to 1. patients, 2. NHS and 3. industry partner


To include measurement of progress and results

5. Cost

Include liability and value of contribution in kind (if appropriate)
Include training needs for NHS personnel (if required)

6. Governance process

Append Terms of Reference of governing body (eg collaboration advisory and oversight group)
Include information governance measures, data security measures and measures to avoid disclosure of commercially sensitive information

7. Success criteria

Identify factors critical to the success of the initiative

8. Evaluation plan

Identify how the project will be measured and the resources that will be allocated to evaluation and publication of outcomes

Last modified: 18 April 2024

Last reviewed: 18 April 2024