ABPI response to the Labour 2024 election manifesto

This week, the ABPI issued a challenge to all political parties to set out in detail how they will unlock the industry’s potential to drive UK health and economic growth.

Today, the Labour Party published its Manifesto for the 2024 general election, which includes plans for policies to support the UK’s life sciences sector, alongside other growth sectors.

The ABPI welcomes Labour’s recognition of the revolution taking place in data and life sciences and the potential this has to transform our nation’s healthcare.

Speedier adoption of new medicines and vaccines can play a major part in reducing health inequalities, improving health outcomes and preventing disease. It is positive to see Labour’s ambition for a ‘plan for procurement’, aimed at giving a clearer route for products to be introduced into the NHS, coupled with reformed incentive structures to drive innovation and faster regulatory approval for new technology and medicines.

Labour’s commitments to draw on the strength of the NHS to maximise the UK’s ability to lead the world in clinical trials will also have strong industry support. The ABPI has long argued for the need to make running trials with the NHS more efficient and accessible, speeding up recruitment and giving more people a chance to participate in clinical trials and access the innovative treatments they offer.

The four-nation emphasis on driving growth will be welcomed by the life sciences sector, given the importance of life sciences research, manufacturing and operational facilities to local economies across the UK.

The focus on international relationships and ‘targeted trade agreements aligned with economic strengths’, given the potential for life sciences to drive the UK's competitive advantage in trade deals, will also be welcome.

Responding to the Labour Manifesto, Richard Torbett, ABPI Chief Executive, said: “It’s great to see the continued strong cross-party support for the future success of the UK’s life sciences industry.

“The Labour manifesto is right to single out the UK’s life sciences sector as a key partner for their plans to deliver positive change. A strong industry-government partnership will ensure that we continue to discover breakthrough medical innovation in the UK, and that NHS patients are among the first people in the world to benefit from the very latest medicines and vaccines.

“Each of the party manifestos has set out a positive vision for the future of our sector. Whoever wins the election will need to hit the ground running and rapidly set out a clear, detailed plan for what the government will do in the coming weeks and years to unlock our sector's true potential.”

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Last modified: 13 June 2024

Last reviewed: 13 June 2024

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