Other roles for pharmacists

The pharmacist can also become involved in other roles within manufacturing, sales and marketing, and patenting.


Manufacturing requires the traditional skills of the pharmacist in compounding the drug form and brings with it increasing demands, as new technologies (as well as new drugs and novel presentations) move into the market place.

Marketing and sales

Marketing and sales promotion is an important component of a medicine as a medicine that isn’t promoted effectively, never mind how useful, it may never reach the patients who can benefit from it. Pharmacists have the technical and professional background to fulfil the more commercial roles within the industry especially as value for money becomes a focus for discussions and difficult decisions have to made on balancing costs against therapeutic benefit.

Whatever your talents or aspirations, the pharmaceutical industry can offer a stimulating career with significant opportunity for promotion within specialist functions or general management and, because of the international nature of the industry, the possibility of wide travel.

Last modified: 02 May 2024

Last reviewed: 02 May 2024