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Medicines are transforming our lives like never before.

We want the UK to be the best place in the world to research, develop and use the medicines and vaccines of the future.

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Partnering with purpose: How integrated care systems and industry can work better together

The NHS Confederation and the ABPI have published a joint report on how Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and industry can work better together in the interests of patients. 

NHS Industry Case Studies Library

Partnerships between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry benefit patients and the NHS. Visit the ABPI's library of case studies of successful partnerships. 

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Getting back on track: Restoring the UK’s global position in industry clinical trials

To achieve its science and technology superpower ambitions and improve the health and wealth of the nation, the government must restore the UK’s global position in industry clinical trials and maximise their benefits to patients, the NHS, and the UK economy.

M5 Advanced Manufacturing: Powering the UK Economy

New report sets out the reforms necessary for the UK to close the gap with global competitors and unlock the potential for manufacturing to drive prosperity and pride across the UK.

Manufacturing Aggregation

The Pharmaceutical Industry in the UK

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Gross Value Added (GVA) [4]