Postdoctoral researchers working across academia and industry

Collaborative postdoctoral researchers: Interface between academia and industry for research and innovation

Postdoctoral researchers hold a PhD degree and are continuing with a research career in academia. By exploring and developing novel ideas for innovative research, postdoctoral researchers are on the path to becoming highly experienced, independent academics who can propose and lead creative research.

Postdoctoral researchers working across the pharmaceutical industry and academia are key in creating research of real benefit to society. Collaborative postdoctoral researchers align their research goals closer to real, urgent healthcare needs. In addition, these postdoctoral researchers have access to resources in both industry and academia, enabling direct feedback of research into healthcare, and faster translation into medicines or vaccines.

2-5 year postdoctoral research
Collaborative postdoctoral researchers are predominantly 2-5 years, bringing academia and industry together for creative research

Academia and industry together driving innovative research across the UK and around the globe

Postdoctoral researchers often move between different academic institutions, or different countries, to find the best place for cultivating their skills and realising research ideas. Innovative research that results in real impact often stems from interdisciplinary collaboration between different fields that postdoctoral researchers are key in bringing together.

In our 2019 survey, we observed a wide distribution of joint postdocs across academic institutions in the UK and globally. Cultivating a world-class research environment for postdoctoral researchers helps ensure the UK is a highly attractive workplace for international talent.

Global collaboration
Postdoctoral researchers across the world collaborate with the UK pharmaceutical industry to drive healthcare innovation

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