Strategy, operations and communications

As a human resources generalist (HRG), you can expect to have a varied workload, partnering with the business to meet its needs.

our experience and skills would normally govern the seniority of staff you would work with. At a senior level, you can expect to provide leadership, advice and manage complex activity, typically delegating work as appropriate to the business and the HR function.

Areas of involvement

You would be involved in developing workforce strategies that are aligned to business strategies, resulting in a desired organisational structure and culture. Your role as a change agent is also important, requiring you to proactively respond and adapt to varying requirements, supporting the leaders in being able to meet business needs. As such, your role as a Coach is notable, where you guide and influence leaders’ thinking, helping them to embrace diversity and embed best people management practices in their organisation and further their own careers. To this end, you can also expect to be involved in facilitating or designing and developing organisational interventions for individuals, teams or an entire organisation.

You are likely to be involved in various committees and can most certainly expect to be an adviser on a leadership/management team. As such, you would be required to contribute to discussions and consequent communications that have an impact on staff.

Required skills

As a HRG, you would be expected both to have a sound understanding of employment law, and the ability to interpret and intelligently apply company policies and procedures. You would also be involved in managing employee relations activity and as such, would need to have excellent interpersonal skills, allowing you to adapt your style and handle difficult conversations, often guiding managers through complex issues, to reach positive outcomes. 

There are also cyclical activities that you would need to manage. These may be related to discussions involving talent in the organisation, performance leading to a salary review and bonus, and administering staff awards. However, these will vary depending on the pharmaceutical company you work for.

Career opportunities

In an HRG’s role you can afford to be creative when offering solutions, reaching a point where the more services you offer, which are recognised as adding value, the more you can shape organisational practice and your own work. As a consequence, the opportunity of continuous development is limitless.

Last modified: 20 September 2023

Last reviewed: 20 September 2023