Working in the leadership and organisation development department can provide an outlet for creative thinking.

You could be involved in providing global management processes to develop organisational and individual capability, as well as guiding the development of the organisation culture and supporting broad change management initiatives.

A range of roles

Your role could take the form of a consultant, designing and delivering leadership development programmes; conducting metrics and analysis (eg. employee opinion research that informs organisational practice); or acting as a trainer to deliver learning resources that support the personal and professional development of managers and staff. You might also act as a conduit for bringing these services in from an external provider. As such, you can expect your workload to be very varied.

You could essentially help to shape the way an organisation responds to external forces, making it more effective and creating a highly competent and dynamic workforce. Entry into learning and development can come from a general human resources qualification with a focus in this area and having demonstrated significant business partner liaison. A role in metrics and analysis may require a qualification, such as a PhD in Statistics, but this is likely to vary across organisations.

Last modified: 20 September 2023

Last reviewed: 20 September 2023