You would be expected to have a high degree of analytical competence for such a role.

In a global pharmaceutical company, you may be involved in the planning, design, financing and administration of benefit programmes to meet the needs of the business and its staff. This could include monitoring benefit programmes worldwide (eg, pensions and healthcare schemes), providing a consultancy service, and carrying out audits and approval processes in the organisation. In many organisations, you would consult with the human resources generalists (HRGs) to assess and monitor staff retention and grading and to support equity analyses.

A strategic perspective

From a strategic perspective, you may take more of a governance role and be engaged in decisions that affect shareholders. You would also be involved in leading projects that have wide organisational impact, such as considering the company’s position in comparison to other pharmaceutical organisations and making recommendations for strategic changes, within the resources available.

Typically, you would have an HR qualification, with an interest in this area; or you might come into this area following an HRG role.

Last modified: 20 September 2023

Last reviewed: 20 September 2023