Pharmaceutical careers for doctors

In training, you may only have considered being an NHS or private sector physician, as little exposure to industry careers is offered in medical schools. However, your skills, training and medical knowledge are invaluable in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical companies invest huge amounts of time and money into the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of new medicines. From laboratory to clinic, the drug development process considers how the medicine affects whole body physiology, the practical aspects of delivering the medicine to patients, and the necessary interactions with regulatory authorities. Pharmaceutical physicians are involved across the whole process of drug development, and are employed in medical​ and regulatory affairs roles, in clinical research positions, and as independent consultants.

It is, therefore, no exaggeration to suggest that physicians in industry may impact more patient lives, and have more influence over the way a medicine will be used, than an individual prescribing doctor. Whilst training as a doctor, you will have gained a broad knowledge and skills base necessary to aid the transition of medicines from laboratory to clinic. This knowledge will help you provide an essential service to the pharmaceutical industry, where there is a need for pharmaceutical physicians. 

Pharmaceutical Careers Resources for Physicians: