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Drug Safety Associate

Video transcript

My name is Sophie, and I'm a drug safety associate. I think it depends what part of science you want to go into. I found especially AstraZeneca were really willing to take me on even though I've got no experience in the industry whatsoever. I think teamwork is important and communication with my team. If we don't communicate well together, we don't work well together. I think because our industry is so regulated, we have to be able to work to set timeframes, we have to be able to cope under pressure, we have to be able to work to set instructions and guidelines so that's important. Every day is different in my job, Nothing's ever the same and although you've got all these guidelines and processes telling you how to do things you have to learn how to apply them to each individual case. So, it is fun. I think AstraZeneca, are willing to take on people who they see have the potential to learn, rather than people that have experience in the industry. I think they also have strong values when it comes to patient's quality of life, and also AstraZeneca dealing quote key disease areas such as cancer oncology and cardiovascular, I've worked for AstraZeneca for about a year now and I've just started helping with training of new starters, which is quite a big step and I was really pleased to be given that opportunity. I've also been encouraged to take full responsibility for my own work now, rather than having people check it for me. So I think they've always actively tried to develop you. I like the fact that I know my role goes towards helping make our medicines safer for patient. I think I found my perfect job I really enjoy it
I like the fact that my role goes towards making our medicines safer for patients. Sophie