The way we bring new medicines to life is changing. Regulators, scientists and healthcare professionals are working together to ensure access to new medicines and technologies is accelerated. Scientists will be delivering a wave of innovation for patients, from immunotherapies to fight cancer and cell therapies for genetic diseases to new dementia treatments, with UK R&D leading the way in many of these areas. Personalised medicines will also begin to play an increasing role. This may change the way we care for people and what our healthcare systems look like. How will society pay for this progress?

Patients are increasingly at the heart of how medicines are developed and used. Patients are becoming more involved in clinical trials. Patients can play a bigger role in identifying the outcomes that matter most to them. They also have a big say in how their data is used and managed in the right way.

At the same time, transparency about how medicines are developed is increasing. Trust and reputation are under the microscope – we take that seriously and are making good progress.

The future of healthcare is an exciting one. We’re tackling increasingly rarer diseases, whilst also delivering improved healthcare and prevention in an ever-ageing population. Cost and affordability of new medicines are also big challenges. We are working with the UK Government and the NHS to find the right solutions for all: patients, the NHS and the UK economy. With innovations in genomics, healthcare data, advanced therapies and innovative technologies, our industry provides progress and hope, so we can help patients live longer, healthier and productive lives.

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