The UK faces an immense challenge in rebuilding a sustainable health and care system, able to deliver world class patient outcomes and attract global research investment. Central to success will be collaboration between the NHS, the life sciences industry, patients and the public.

2021 sees the launch of the revised ABPI Code of Practice, setting out core principles that acknowledge industry’s commitment to patients as central to its core purpose. This commitment touches every aspect of discovering, developing and bringing new medicines and vaccines to patients and involves:

  • Designing clinical trials with patients rather than for patients
  • Making it easier for people from diverse communities to take part in research
  • Co-developing ways to help innovations find the best place in treatment pathways so they are available to everyone who can benefit from them
  • Reflecting the outcomes that matter to patients

Our strategy sets out how the ABPI will deliver these commitments and make sure that patient engagement is consistently at the heart of our work.

We will:

  • Create an ABPI Patient Advisory Council to reflect the patient voice in leadership decision making
  • Involve patient organisations in all ABPI policies and campaigns
  • Develop practical resources to make collaboration between industry and patient organisations easier
  • Foster a patient centred organisational culture at the ABPI, while supporting our industry members to do the same
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