Pharma & Healthcare Comms & Reputation Conference
Public & Paid

This year's virtual conference will feature 27 Pharma, Healthcare & Regulatory speakers discussing their communications strategies to engage patients, healthcare professionals and stakeholders, and advance digital. 

Speakers include the ABPI's Jill Pearcy, Director, Reputation and Lucília Vieira Antunes, Legal Counsel and Compliance Lead. 

1. Boost pharma and healthcare reputation, trust and perception to reclaim the post-pandemic narrative
2. Update digital strategies to meaningfully engage patients, HCPs, customers and high-risk stakeholders digitally in a regulated and complex environment
3. Educate, engage and empower patients in their healthcare journey
4. Capitalise on social media and digital influencer strategies
5. Cut through vaccine misinformation

6. Influence the internal narrative to boost internal reputation and employee advocacy
7. Build trust, open comms and long-term engagement with governments, policy makers, politicians
8. Clearly communicate sustainability and green credentials to the public and stakeholders
9. Deliver innovative content and comms for engaging, compliant storytelling in a regulated landscape



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