I’m delighted that the ABPI is publishing the first of our annual reports looking at the clinical trials environment in the UK.

Clinical research and clinical trials are an absolutely vital part of the medicines research and development process and we’re extremely proud of the UK’s heritage and history in this area.

We’ve been at the forefront of delivering innovation in medicines and vaccines since the 1940s. We know that patients treated in hospitals where research is ongoing will have better outcomes and today there are hundreds of trials taking place in NHS hospitals across the UK, with tens of thousands of patients.

The commitment of patients to medical research in the UK is fantastic and we are grateful to every single patient and carer who makes this possible.

Together with world-class research funders, the NHS, research charities and global pharmaceutical companies, the UK strives to continue to be a leader in research. This report tracks exactly how we’re doing in the UK and looks at trends in research and comparisons with other nations, including up and coming power houses like China.

Amongst these global changes is the UK’s exit from the European Union. This study provides an important benchmark, with the figures relating to the period shortly after the referendum result. The data, from 2017, is the most recent available.

As we look ahead, the ABPI and our members continue to work to ensure the UK is at the forefront of developing medicines globally for patients.


Dr Sheuli Porkess
Executive Director, Research, Medical and Innovation
The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry