Together we can:

  • Deliver ambitious, scalable projects that improve patient outcomes, create efficiencies within the NHS and reduce health inequalities for people across the UK.
  • Create an innovation-ready NHS that can embrace new approaches to prevention and treatment
  • Make the best use of data to enhance NHS research capability, generate real world evidence and allow the value of innovation to be more fully understood  

We are contributing to the NHS England consultation on the NHS Ten Year Plan to help make this vision a reality. In doing so, we are building on thriving agreements already in place between our industry, the NHS and other system partners: 

We are also supporting Health Data Research UK and the NHS in the establishment of digital innovation hubs that will improve the speed and efficiency of clinical studies, and allow the evaluation of innovative treatments on care pathways, as recommended in the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy.

We understand the importance of promoting careers in life sciences, as they benefit not just industry, but academia and the NHS. To inform development of our work on careers and skills needs, we draw on our biennial skills gap analysis, our most recent report being Bridging the Skills Gap. We are also a founding member of the Clinical Pharmacology Skills Alliance, which aims to develop and support a long-term, cross-sector action plan for clinical pharmacology.