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    Deepak Khanna's closing speech from the ABPI Annual Conference 2012

Ladies and gentlemen ... It falls to me to thank you all for coming to our event today.


​Justin, thank you for moderating the session and Justin with regards to Regan and your comments, I just want you to know that I agree with ... no I fully support your position on the ducks.

The theme of our conference today was affordability of innovation and I want to just provide a brief summary of the important discussions and areas of focus we have covered today.

Stephen opened the conference with the important question on the value of our industry but also on our medicines. We face many challenges ahead as an industry with healthcare costs rising and the constraints we see across the NHS. But he also illustrated that the industry, supported by the ABPI, is looking at how we can better partner with the NHS to provide solutions and how we must look at our medicines representing value and savings for the NHS rather than just a cost. 

Dr Susan Galbraith then gave us an insight into the extraordinary advances we are making in scientific research and development (R&D). In particular, how we are getting personalised medicines to patients through collaboration and the benefits we can realise through partnerships across pharma companies, scientists, academics, patients and patient groups. Through continued innovation and collaboration we can really improve patient care. 

The panel discussion produced a productive debate around the value of medicines including how the definition of value could be broadened and uptake of medicines. In particular, it looked at how do we reward risk, what should we value and how should we value it and if we did have to put a value on our medicines, how could/would we want to make choices or trade offs? 

Miles Ayling discussed how innovation can support improving quality care within the NHS as well as productivity and how we need to do a better job to recognise and incentivise the adoption of innovation.

It was great to hear Miles talk about the Innovation Health and Wealth review and the work being done to better adopt innovation. And Miles, we agree on the importance of partnering and collaboration for the ultimate benefit of improving the quality of care.

I hope you found the workshops stimulating in terms of both what our challenges are as well as the opportunities we have and we had a useful debate following these on the myths of the cost of medicines to the NHS.

And thank you Ben for a stimulating conclusion.

When we were planning the conference we intended to have a full and frank debate about the issues and very much hoped to hear from every one across the health care sector.

I am very pleased to say I believe we have achieved our objectives, through the presentations and debates as well as the workshops.

I very much hope that you have enjoyed the day and found all our sessions stimulating and interesting. If you are staying with us for dinner I hope to have the opportunity to chat later but either way….

Thank you very much for coming and we look forward to seeing you again very soon.

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