Decisions of the 2009 Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme Dispute Resolution Panel

​The 2009 Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme stipulates that Reasoned Decisions of the Dispute Resolution Panel shall be published on the websites of the Department of Health and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.

Decisions issued 2013

Decisions issued 2012

Decisions issued 2011

  1. Department of Health and King Pharmaceuticals Limited (PDF, 302KB)
  2. Department of Health and GlaxoSmithKline UK (PDF, 333KB)
  3. Department of Health and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (PDF, 199KB)

PPRS dispute resolution in practice 

To assist parties engaging in the dispute resolution process under the PPRS, the Panel thought it would be helpful to highlight the approach it adopts. It should be noted that the Panel offers a two-stage approach to dispute resolution. 

Following submission of formal papers, the parties will be invited to attend an informal meeting. Its purpose is to give the parties the opportunity to meet the Chairman, to discuss preliminary issues and to explore compromise. The meeting will allow both parties to speak with the Chairman, including in private session. 

There will be opportunity for the parties to have direct discussion if they wish. The Chairman will be able to assist in a mediating capacity, although it should be noted that unlike most UK mediations, the same person, assisted by the other members of the Panel, will be responsible for determining the dispute at a later date. If no agreement is reached, the Chairman will consider appropriate directions and will fix a date for a final hearing. 

If there are contentious preliminary issues, it may be necessary to refer these to the full Panel. Both DH and companies are requested to bring appropriate decision-makers with them to any hearing.

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