The decision by the National Institute for Clinical and Health Excellence (NICE) to reject appeals against its decision regarding the use of anti-dementia medicines in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease has been condemned by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).


‚ÄčThe ABPI attacks the decision on the grounds of commonsense and of basic humanity, as well as sending negative signals to those engaged in cutting-edge medicines research into conditions such as dementia.

"It is flying in the face of commonsense to make patients wait until their condition deteriorates before treating them, and it also disregards the basic humanity of a situation where patients who could benefit from a medicine are denied it," said Nigel Brooksby, President of the ABPI .

"This decision makes it harder for companies to justify devoting the enormous sums of money and resource necessary to research and develop new medicines, especially for conditions such as Alzheimer's where there is so much more to be discovered about how best to treat it. Progress can best be made by building on our experience of such medicines in use, and this decision hinders that way forward."

For further information, please contact: ABPI Press Office 020 7747 1410

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