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    Posted in category News Release by Press Office on 24/03/2004

    Huge progress in heart disease treatment applauded by ABPI

The enormous progress in the treatment of coronary heart disease (CHD) announced by the Government's report on the National Service Framework for the disease is applauded by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.


‚ÄčThe report, Winning the War on Heart Disease, reveals that deaths from cardiovascular disease fell by more than 23 per cent between 1995/97 and 2000/02; and eight in ten heart attack patients received life-saving thrombolysis treatment within thirty minutes of hospital arrival in 2003, compared with less than four in ten in 2000.

Welcoming the report, and the huge strides that have been made in cardiac services, ABPI Director of Medicine Dr Richard Tiner said: "The pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront of developments which continue to play an important part in these improvements. This highlights the fact that investing in medicines is frequently a life-saver.

"For example, more than 1.8 million people - over 3 per cent of the population - are now receiving statins for lowering cholesterol levels and that number is rapidly increasing. It is estimated that this is saving about 6-7,000 lives a year, as well as reducing the number and severity of heart attacks.

"Also, the development of medicines to help people give up smoking are making a great contribution to saving lives as well as reducing the cost of more expensive health care," said Dr Tiner.

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