Top products in the UK

​Following on from the information in the Top 100 prescription medicines section about medicines on the global market, the table below shows the sales figures for some of the top products in the UK to the NHS.

Figure 1 – Top 20 products in the UK, 2013

Therapeutic area
2013 £ (000s)
Seretide R03F1 Respiratory system 472,444
Humia L04B0 Immunomodulator 346,933
​Lyrica N03A0 Nervous system 282,497
​Lucentis S01P0 Sensory organs 276,849
​Spiriva R03G3 Respiratory system 246,624
​Symbicort ​R03F1 ​Respiratory system ​224,851
Remicade L04B0 Immunomodulator 164,602
Herceptin L01X3 Cancer 161,548
​Mabthera L01X3​ Cancer 157,720
Atripla J05C9​ HIV 137,663
​Lapitor C10A1​ Cardiovascular system 124,830
Revlimid L04X0 Cancer 115,703
Truvada J05C1 HIV 108,071
Clexane B01B2 Blood and blood forming organs 105,251
​Glivec L01X4 Cancer 102,058
​Levothyroxine ​H03A0 Systemic hormones 97,688
Lantus A10C5​ Diabetes 97,309
Zytiga L02B2 Cancer 96,684
Vesticare G04D4 Genito-urinary system and sex hormones 90,203
Abilify ​N05A1 Nervous system 86,455
Novarapid A10C1​ Diabetes ​84,338
​Januvia A10N1​ ​Diabetes ​84,011
​Privigen J06C0​ Systemic anti-infectives​ 79,836​
​Neurontin ​N03A0 Nervous system​ ​76,448
​Cialis ​G04E0 Genito-urinary system and sex hormones​ ​73,989
​Ezetrol C10A9​ ​Cardiovascular system 70,194​
​Keppra ​N03A0 ​Nervous system 67,716
​Piperacil/Tazobact J01C2​ ​Systemic anti-infectives ​66,942
Fragmin B01B2​ ​Blood and blood forming organs 66,320​

Source: IMS Health British Pharmaceutical Index, IMS Hospital Pharmacy Audit [Accessed July 2014]

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