Our objectives

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As the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in the UK, we work at the heart of policy development and decision-making to ensure that patients are able to benefit from the latest and most advanced medicines. Our members include the large majority of pharmaceutical companies in the UK and we bring together both large and small companies that research and develop prescription medicines. 

In total, we have over 180 members: our Research Affiliate Members are involved primarily in pharmaceutical research and development, whilst our General Affiliate members are organisations that work with the pharmaceutical industry in the UK.

A wide scope of services

We provide a wide scope of services and support for our members and we seek to represent the views of the research-based pharmaceutical industry in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as at UK, European and international levels.

The pivotal role that the pharmaceutical industry has played, and continues to play, in improving the health, wellbeing and productivity of the UK population is often underestimated. Whilst good health is something that most people take for granted, it’s a vitally important personal and societal requirement. The impact of poor health on the UK population is hard to quantify, but the pharmaceutical industry has been shown to contribute significantly – both directly and indirectly – to the welfare of the UK population as a whole. Our objective is to ensure that this is better understood.

We maintain close contacts with Government, politicians, academia and the media and we also have extensive links with health managers, patient advocacy groups, training and education bodies, research councils and other professional bodies in the healthcare field.

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